Here is a collection of some of my thoughts.  My plan is to continue adding to the collection.  Enjoy!


I am still learning.

I am learning that the universe is powerful and the energy is in great abundance.

I am learning what things i am passionate about and what things do not serve me.

I am learning that people come and go… into and out of your life… and that is ok.

I am learning that i am highly interested in mindfulness… and how it can change your life drastically.

I am learning that people are in competition with each other… that drama is everywhere… and that people can be unkind. and i am learning not to engage.

I am learning that most things/situations in my daily life are neutral… and i can see them that way… or choose to make them “good” or “bad.”

I am learning not to worry… especially about things of which i have no control.

I am learning to slow down, be accepting of what is, and to let go.

I am learning to see myself… every part of me… and what it means to be a human being.

I am learning to love myself.

i am still learning…


I love yoga

I love when I first get on my mat and lie completely still…and become aware of the heaviness in my body, the undoing of tension, the softness, and ease.I love to observe my natural breath as it effortlessly flows throughout my body.I love to give my body permission to rest before my practice, as I connect with my present experience.I love the exact moment when I decide it is time to move.I love to begin gently as my body wakes up, and to not have expectations of what I need.I love the journey into each pose. And I love to feel the heat and increased circulation as I move out of the pose.I love the stillness and the pause between poses.I love the rhythmic, wave-like sensations that my breath creates.
and I love to feel how my breath affects the pose, expanding and moving my body ever so gently.I love to surrender the weight of my body to the earth, and I love to receive the earth’s rebound energy.I love how my spine wants to dance and play and the lightness, space, and freedom in my body.I love to allow my practice to unfold organically without deciding in advance what to do.I love to play.I love the calm, meditative mind, and the overall sense of well-being.I love to rest in stillness at the end, and I love to observe what has changed.I love to sit.I love to take my yoga off the mat and into the world.I love how yoga has given me a new and much broader look at life.I love to observe how yoga affects my relationships.I love how my yoga practice fills my heart and teaches me patience, compassion, acceptance, and love.I love how yoga helps me discover who I am.

I love to offer the gift of yoga to others… and I love to watch it transform their lives.

I love yoga.


Connecting with you

if you are my friend i wouldn’t second guess you…

i would believe in you.

if you are my friend i would not assume what you are thinking…

i would ask you.

if you are my friend i would not speak of you to others…

unless i am saying something kind.

if you are my friend i would not be jealous of your efforts & successes…

i would celebrate them and support you.

if you are my friend and you upset me…

i would tell you.

if you are my friend i would not ignore your needs…

i would listen.

if you are my friend i would not play mind games…

that only leads to



and sadness.

if you are my friend i would love you…






a yoga love affair

inspired by cora wen

yoga allows me to learn about myself….and human nature.  it allows me to better understand my emotions as they arise, it gives me hope and allows me to dance in the light.  it gives me strength needed to endure the dark.  it allows me to see the world around me in a new way.

yoga inspires me to accept my imperfections… and to be patient… and to live simply…and to continue learning… everyday.

yoga helps me be the best human i can be… and it let’s me know when i’ve made a mistake… when i need to apologize… when i need to surrender.

yoga opens my heart and fills it with love… and it allows me to pass the love on to others.

yoga makes me happy and well.


yoga: the contest

so much clouding our perspective of what the practice is about.


this mindful practice does not involve

the perfect mantra or asana.

as if perfect exists.


it does not involve having a new name given to me

by someone who is labeled a “guru.”

i like my own name.


it does not involve excelling at 108 sun salutations.

more is not better.


it does not involve an award for who can be the best




100% organic

gluten free

sugar free

lactose free…


eat whatever feels right for YOU.


it does not involve yoga pants that make my ass look better.



or the *best* vinyasa flow…. or the length of time i am able to *perform* a particular pose.  these things only prove physical strength.

they say nothing about you as an individual.


it does not involve becoming an international yoga “celebrity.”

totally ridiculous.


it does not involve seeing how long i can sit in meditation.

it doesn’t matter.


it does not involve working toward enlightenment.

enlightenment isn’t a place you go when you’ve done all of your homework.

it is now.


it does not involve having the best ideas about the way the world IS.

the world just IS…


it does not involve having the most knowledge about









and especially,


learning is important… it is a process…

not a goal.


it does not involve being totally blissed out all of the time.



it does not involve being raised up above others because you say you know god.

i can not conceive of this.


it does not involve being superior.



it is becoming more and more about “becoming”… something.

it is becoming more about striving… and achievement.


it is becoming a contest.

a contest without a prize.


we have moved away from simplicity.

we have moved away from the fundamentals,

such as


mind-body peace & wellness…

love & compassion for others…

and, knowing ourselves.



i dream of a day when people are kind to each other.

i dream of a day when people are honest.


i dream of a day when things like





mind games




are not the norm.


i dream of a day when smiles are genuine

and hearts are open wide.


i dream of a day when people *want* to help each other

and not only think of themselves.


i dream of a day when love prevails

and all fear has dissolved.


i dream of a day…


at the end of the day…

what has become of this thing we call YOGA?
and why has it left me with an uneasy feeling?
i’m beginning to question the meaning….
and what it is all about.
is it about how well i can do a yoga pose?
is it about how long i can stay in it, once i’m there?
is it about how long i can sit in meditation?
maybe it is about the trendy yoga attire, or
the mat on which i lie.
is it about with whom i study?
is it about my beliefs?
or skipping dessert?
or not becoming angry?
or maybe it’s about
being on the right path?
is yoga mystical?  spiritual?
will it take me “higher?”
thus, making me a
human being ??
will it give me special powers?
is it complicated?
i think not.
yoga is simple.
i am not all-knowing.
i have no special powers.
i can’t walk through walls.
i can’t levitate.
although i do meditate,
it often feels off.
and, a 30-minute “no handed” headstand?
i just don’t get it.
is it a contest?
i am not seeking to become
nor am i wanting to exist
in another dimension.
and the idea of a “guru”
telling me what i need
seems completely unrealistic.
i am human.
and i live on planet earth.
i practice yoga postures
to keep my body supple
and strong.
i practice yoga postures
to maintain a sense of well-being
and feel alive.
i sit in meditation to become mindful,
and clear-headed,
and relaxed.
i move my attention inward
to observe
and to connect
with what is real.
the wellness that my yoga practice
gives me allows me to
be kind,
and loving.
it allows me to
treat all people with respect.
regardless of their
religion (or lack thereof)
sexual orientation
or beliefs.
it allows me to offer
real support
to my friends
and family….
regardless of
our differences.
it allows me to be present
and happy
and discover my own
it allows me to offer
my simple
with love
to those who
want to hear
so they can discover
their own essence.
it allows me to love
and express
it allows me to live.
this is my enlightenment.
no waiting.
no seeking.
no magic.
it is now.
at the end of the day
we all have fears and doubts.
we all have expectations.
we all judge.
we are not always open-minded
even though sometimes we have
convinced ourselves that we are.
we all get angry, frustrated, and irritated.
we all have a yoga pose we don’t do well
and it doesn’t matter.
and sometimes we get lost.
we are all the same.
we are all human.
at the end of the day
we all want to be
and supported.
we all want to
with others.
we all want to laugh,
enjoy life,
and be happy.
at the end of the day
the only magic taking place
is our miraculous,
and healthy
at work…
with all that is.
it is simple.
it is real.
it is now.
it is yoga.


approaching it with a new mind, i lie back without expectation.
i am embraced and can feel the unconditional love.

the support is overwhelming, my shoulders and hips release down.
i begin to relax and i allow myself to soften.
i am ready to receive.

my breath happens all by itself and ripples through my entire body.
and i am releasing more deeply into you.

i move inside and i can feel my heart beat.
i feel so alive and my passion consumes me.
i lie in stillness… waiting.

thoughts fill my head but i let them go.
i want to stay with this experience….my body enthralled.

i can feel the ease in my mind and the cessation of any physical tension.
you continue to caress me and i give myself to you.
all inhibitions dissolve.

you see all of me…..and invite me in with acceptance.
i linger in this state of rapture as we become one.

i feel complete.


in a dream state

touching cheek to cheek

whisper in my ear

tell me all the things

you think i’d like to hear


the scent of my skin wafting

the flavor our lips share

my desire for you is growing

it’s all that i can bear


look into my eyes

and tell me what you see

look right through my soul

and what you’ll see is me