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Yoga is the art of living.  Living with a mind and body free of tension.   By tuning into the ease within and your natural breath, you become mindful and sensitive.  You move tenderly and gracefully, with a newfound sense of freedom. You bend, balance, twist… and breathe. You create space, joy, and lightness in your body.  You begin to connect with your authentic nature more deeply. You find yourself staying present to the here and now more and more. […]

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September 2, 2016 – Past to Present… When I started practicing yoga I was living in Sunnyvale, California and had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I felt ill often. Yoga (asana) was different than any other physical activity I’d ever done. And over the years, Yoga brought my body back to a state of wholeness. This month marks 17 years of Yoga practice and much of the time these days I don’t even know I have an autoimmune […]

Topics of Interest

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People who have inspired me: (additional info coming soon)   Buddha,   Dalai Lama,   Lama Surya Das,   Vanda Scaravelli,   Erich Schiffmann,   Carol Stall,   Angela Farmer,   Donna Farhi,   Jiddu Krishnamurti